Experience of use Fito Spray

This story told us Alex-Berlin. The man spoke about the action of spray for weight loss Fito Spray and he spoke of its results.

I want to share my story of struggle with excess weight. Maybe someone will help you.

My story is similar to many others. I spent my whole life practicing sports and had all the time in the face. Even in the first class, the parents gave me in taekwondo in high school, I started to interest myself in kick-boxing and left the ex-sport, although I already managed to get him a considerable elevation. After school, the parents insisted that I went to study law at university, but I saw myself only in the sport – office, it has not gone the same speech.

I entered the college, olympic and professional sport, in 4 the course of being married, that was probably the main reason for the fact that, after graduation, I didn't want to make a career, and went on to work as a coach in the best academy of a club in the city. The money was good for the family had. I had different customers, but the majority, of course, were the people with excess weight. I was them individual to the program of nutrition and exercise, and we have to be able to excellent results.

At the time, when I saw full of people on the streets, I was baffled: why are they? Will be that they are satisfied with their appearance? Why they do not want to deal with this problem? After all, it seemed that everything is simple: it's a nutritionist, to enrol in a fitness facility, and a year and a half, and it took, in a way. So I still didn't know that very soon not only would the place of people that I look with condemnation, but, and he himself give an answer to the question of why they are and why they such I now.

The that can take the hard work, without proper vacation

But it's not about that. I worked a lot, got a weekend only on major holidays, in the holiday could not be of speech, so at times I had 5 or 6 exercises per day. But one day, I simply could not get out of bed. It was a terrible feeling of powerlessness and horror – I don't have anything it didn't hurt, but simply had no strength. Called Me with the job, all were shocked at my lack, but I do not like either of them nothing to explain. Wife called an ambulance, that I was hospitalized and after his diagnosis diagnosis: failure in the functioning of the endocrine system in the context of acute overwork.

As I shall repent at that time, that is not willing to listen to your body and worked out to wear, but the awareness came too late. I have a little bit of healing and sent to the house, named of hormone therapy and promised that after the payment of my life is back to normal. Perhaps this would have been if I had to come home with me no, started to happen something very strange: I was feeling very well, but I didn't want to go to the living room, just put the whole day on the couch, and even for a walk around the house, had nothing of the adulation.

My wife, the situation is not comfortable. Not only that, that I didn't bring money to the family, and not helped, and look for a person, for the day looking at the ceiling – it is not fun enjoyable. In the end the woman simply visor child and went away from me. And I was in his depression, beginning to take advantage of your pain and loneliness. A year and a half of me had not found – from healthy strong men turned into an obese patient elderly. Friends tried to pull me out from this state, but all of it was useless. It was then that I realized that is not all full of people, you are able to pull yourself together, stop eating and start working in the room. Many of them, apparently, were in a similar emotional state, which simply prevented them from change.

Change for the better

One day, when my daughter came to visit me, she brought me Fito Spray (ex-wife decided to buy it for me) and asked that I at least tried. I did vista, that agreed, but she realized that I'm not going to do the same as a little to help yourself, from then on, he began to cry. Here, then, as a shock has hit and I started to realize that enjoying your беспомощностью, причиняю the pain of all the people that love me. And even this little girl suffers because of it, that I don't want to click in a spray bottle several times a day. Their tears as if you made me sober, and I decided to try.

This spray really gave me a second life – thanks to him, I have lost your desire to continually something to chew on. Then I started to want the food that he ate before, and all those loaves of bread, cakes, fried foods, burgers and potatoes heavy steel to the stomach, and unpleasant to the palate. This change of diet has helped me reduce the fat mass, which, in turn, gave the incentive and the desire to go back to being healthy. Gradually I started going to the gym, of course, not as a coach, but as the client. During all this time I continued to use Fito Spraywhich helped me to join a food program that I had, and more important, for me it was easy not to eat at night.

The experience of using the Phyto Spray

Overall, I am very quickly returned to his old form for nearly six months I managed to lose weight of 57 lbs!!! Hormone replacement therapy has been cancelled, the woman with the child back, and once again I can live a past life. Now, I can still understand your customers better, so it made some of the adaptations developed by me a weight loss program. Now I pay more attention is the psycho-emotional with clients, and, of course, advise them to spray Fito Spray.