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  • Monique
    When our colleague left on maternity leave, we all marvelled surprise. It was for her a lovely lady, deeply pregnant. We all hoped that she will return decently, adding in weight, and she appeared in front of us, slender, young and radiant for a woman. We are a long time ago not to feel at ease and soon they asked, what is the secret of such a transformation. It was discovered that she used fito spray. Now, half of the employees have to always carry with you the medicine, and it really works. Thanks natural formulations you apply it, you can not fearing the negative impact on health.
    Fito Spray
  • Valérie
    Probably, every young person, who has been fighting with other children, family circling: rigid diet of frustrating – take missiles to o. I have this track came already in the course of the entire party, for more time a month, nor a system of feeding of non-resistance, and when he tried to fito sprayshe wondered to yourself. It does not pull constantly to eat, and a night of appetite or a bit of sweet reaction calm. When this energy is more than enough, and more important – the composition is completely harmless. So, I apply the spray already 2 months, lost 8 kg of weight more than 3 kg and will be a perfect weight. Now I would recommend to all friends!
    Fito Spray
  • Nicolas
    What I have not tried: mono-diet, the encoding of the food, 25-frame, even tablets. In addition to the chemistry, nothing gave a result, but, in addition, that the weight dropped, I began to feel a pain in the heart, became angry and even aggressive. When he stopped drinking the tablet, the weight not only is back, and still with the advantage of come. Therefore, when the daughter read on the internet about fito spraylooking to him with caution. But she explained that it is a natural product. With it I lost 25 kg in 4 months, I took a break between флаконами, the weight will be maintained. I recommend it!
    Fito Spray
  • Philippe
    I since the childhood, the spectacle of football, just live them, and then received a serious knee injury. Of course, the lack of sport and skinning the stress has brought me to +38 kg in 1 year, so here's football. Friends advised Fito Spray. I don't know how it works, but its effectiveness can't confirm. Pounds literally melted before their eyes. I already didn't buy kilos of biscuits, and I don't want to sit the day you have a computer – spray gave the feeling of satiety and the mass of energy. Now I completely got rid of number of weight, the knee recovered so I can start training.
    Fito Spray
  • Martine
    If I had just earlier learned about this miracle spray, I managed to avoid the ridicule at school and the dissolution of his family, I would have much sooner than became a mother. The way the doctors, I just have not done it, but no one could help me to reduce excess weight. But the last nutritionist in addition to a diet and physical exercise told me that I should buy fito spray. And, behold, with him, I finally managed to overcome your problem of excess of weight, that he had suffered from since childhood. I advise all!!!
    Fito Spray
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